When you want custom wheels, performance tires, auto accessories, installation, or even lawn and garden and home supplies come to the best around town...come to us.

We’ve been in business and family-owned since 1970. We stock hundreds of tires and wheels for many domestic and foreign makes and models, and have thousands available through special order. We also have auto accessories, custom chrome, installation, home and garden supplies, and small engine parts. We have highly trained on-site salespeople and technicians and a state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot indoor facility.   We also offer a number of services that make owning a car pleasurable and offer special financing through Yard Card*. Local financing is also available for new or borderline consumers, and lay-aways to serve almost all customers.  *Subject to credit approval. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.
When it comes to custom wheels, tires, and related services we know what we are doing and have over 40 years experience.  Our products are from over 200 major brand names and many of our custom wheels have lifetime structural guarantee, one year finish warranty, we offer on site installation by qualified technicians.  We will get you what you need, and we will get the best possible price for you!
We have many Wheels by Brand, choose from over 274 wheel brands:

  ¤ 5 Zigen¤ 51 Fifty¤ A.M.G.¤ ABTsportsline¤ AC Schnitzer¤ Ace Alloy¤ Ace Forged¤ ACK¤ Advanti Racing¤ Aicona¤ Akita Racing¤ Akuma Racing¤ Akuza¤ Alba¤ Alloy Technologies¤ ALT¤ American Eagle¤ American Racing¤ Anella¤ Antera¤ Arelli¤ Armano¤ ASA¤ Asanti¤ Auto Couture¤ Avarus¤ Avenue¤ AWC¤ Axis¤ AZA Forged¤ Azzur¤ Baccarat¤ Ballistic¤ Bazo¤ Bentchi¤ Beyern¤ BIGG¤ Black Ice¤ Black Rhino¤ Blaque Diamond¤ Bonetti¤ Boss¤ BOYD¤ Boyd-Coddington¤ Boze Forged¤ Brabus¤ Brazen¤ Breyton¤ BSA¤ BT¤ Budnik¤ BZO¤ C Cubed¤ C Squared¤ C3 ¤ Cabo¤ Cache¤ CEC¤ Centerline¤ Chrome Elements¤ Cragar¤ Cray¤ D Forged¤ DAAT¤ Dale Earnhardt Jr.¤ Damani¤ Davin Blak¤ Davin DS Series¤ Davin StreetSpin¤ Davin Uno¤ Dayton Wire¤ Dcenti¤ DCR Wheels¤ DeCorsa¤ DeModa¤ Devino¤ Diablo¤ Diamo¤ Dip¤ Dolce¤ Don Corleone¤ Donz¤ DPE¤ Drag¤ Driv¤ Drone¤ DropStars¤ DUB¤ DUB 3pc¤ Dvinci¤ DVS¤ E Forged¤ Elite¤ Empire¤ Enkei¤ EXE Wheels¤ F5 Racing¤ Fesler¤ Fierro¤ Focal¤ Focus¤ Foose¤ Forgiato¤ Forte¤ Foxx¤ Fuel Offroad¤ G Racing¤ Gazario¤ Genx¤ GFG ¤ Gianelle¤ Gianna¤ Gino¤ Giovanna¤ Giovanna Forged¤ Giovanna GG¤ Gitano¤ Golden Wheel¤ Greed¤ GZC Wheels¤ Hamann¤ Helo¤ Hero¤ Hipnotic¤ HP Design¤ HP Forged¤ HRE¤ I Forged¤ ICCE¤ ICE¤ Ice Metal¤ ID Wheels¤ ILAN¤ Incubus¤ Intro Wheels¤ ION¤ ION Forged¤ J2 Wheels¤ Jaagruti¤ JesseJames¤ K2 Racing¤ Kaotik¤ Karrizzma¤ Kasino¤ Katana Racing¤ Kicks¤ Kinesis¤ KMC¤ Koko Kuture¤ Konig¤ Kruz¤ KX¤ Kyowa Racing¤ Lenso¤ Lexani¤ Lexani RBP¤ Limited¤ Lorinser¤ Lowenhart¤ Lumarai¤ Luxe¤ Luxor Wire¤ Mandrus¤ Marcato¤ MAYA ¤ Mazzi¤ Mega¤ Menzari¤ Merceli¤ Mezzano¤ MHT¤ Milanni¤ Milano¤ MIRO¤ Miror¤ Mizati¤ MKW¤ MOB¤ Mob Empire¤ Modello¤ Modular Society¤ Mogul¤ MOMO¤ Monet¤ MONO Leggera¤ Motegi Racing¤ Moto Metal¤ Moven¤ MOZ¤ MPW¤ MRR Design¤ MSR¤ NAD Wheels¤ NCwheels¤ Niche¤ Ninja¤ Nutek¤ Oasis¤ OEM¤ Omega¤ P Miller¤ Paladin¤ Panther¤ Petrol¤ Pinnacle¤ Pinnacle Racing¤ Platinum¤ Player¤ Player Wire¤ Polo¤ Prova¤ Quantum Tek¤ R1 Racing¤ R2 Racing¤ Raceline¤ RacingHart¤ Radd¤ Raze¤ Redbourne¤ Rennen ¤ REV¤ RIAX¤ Roadster Wire¤ Roderick¤ Rox¤ Rozzi¤ Russtec¤ S3¤ Sacchi¤ Sato¤ Savini Forged¤ Scorpion¤ Shift¤ Sinister¤ Sporza¤ Strada¤ Strut¤ Symbolic¤ Team Dynamics¤ TechArt¤ Tenzo Racing¤ Tezzen¤ TIG¤ TIS¤ Touren¤ TSW¤ TTE¤ Tyfun¤ U2 Wheels¤ Ultra¤ Urban Racing¤ Valente¤ VCT¤ Vellano¤ Veloche¤ Velocity¤ Velox¤ Venti Plus¤ Verde¤ Versante¤ Vertini¤ Victor Equipment¤ Vossen¤ X Power¤ XIX¤ Xon¤ XTC¤ Zane¤ Zati¤ ZE Forged¤ Zenetti¤ Zenith¤ Zoe and ¤ Zyoxx
We also have many brands of passenger car tires, ultra high performance tires, off-road tires, and light truck tires including:

¤ BFGoodrich  ¤ Bridgestone¤ Continental¤ Cooper ¤ DiamondBack ¤ Dunlop  ¤ Falken  ¤ Fierce  ¤ Fullrun ¤ Gerutti  ¤ Goodyear  ¤ Kumho  ¤ Lexani  ¤ Maxxis ¤ Michelin  ¤ Nankang  ¤ Nexon  ¤ Nitto  ¤ Pirelli ¤ Strata  ¤ Sunny  ¤ Toyo  ¤ Vogue  ¤ Wanli  ¤ Yokohama  and many more!

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